In the fall, Ednovate schools offer monthly open houses (Admissions Information Sessions or AIS) for families to learn more about our schools. We discuss our academic programs, school culture, and expectations for students and families. Families who choose to enter the lotteries may submit a paper interest form at the AIS or any time up until 5:00pm on the last school day in January. Alternatively, families may choose to submit an online interest form at any time up until 5:00pm on the last school day in January. While we encourage families to attend an AIS so they can make an informed choice, we want interested parents to apply using the method that is easiest for them.

After 5:00pm on the last school day in January, if there are more lottery interest forms than seats available in any grade level at a school, a lottery will take place on February 11 at 6pm. All interest forms submitted on time, whether on paper or via our online application, will be entered into the lottery. Preference in the lottery will be given to the following categories of students:

  • Students who live within the local district (LAUSD for our Los Angeles schools and SAUSD for our Santa Ana school);

  • Siblings of currently enrolled students (siblings are children who have one or both parents in common; brothers or sisters); and

  • Children of employees of the school (regular employees who are employed full- or part-time), as long as this number does not exceed 5% of all interest forms

During the lottery, an independent third party will draw students’ names. Once all available spaces are filled, the lottery process will continue and a waitlist will be developed from the list of students who do not receive admission.  These students will be considered if seats open up during the year. Students will be placed on the waitlist for each grade in the order that their names were drawn during the public lottery.

Families are encouraged to attend the lottery, but it’s not mandatory to attend. All families will be notified of the results of the lottery via mail, after February 15th. The notification will indicate whether the student was accepted or waitlisted, and if waitlisted, the number of the seat the child occupies on the waitlist. For students who were offered a seat, the letter will include next steps for enrollment.

If seats open up prior to or during the school year, those seats will be filled according to the waitlist. Families will be notified by phone if their child receives a seat and must respond within one week in order to secure admission. Once students are accepted, parents will be required to complete enrollment documents and will be strongly encouraged to attend an orientation prior to the first day of school. The waitlist does not carry over from year to year.

Ednovate charter schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment public schools. Students are accepted regardless of background, academic record, or special education eligibility. If more students apply than spaces are available, students are admitted by lottery. If you have questions or concerns regarding the enrollment or admissions practices at any Ednovate school, please call 213-454-0599.

Things to Know About Ednovate:

1.  Free Charter Public School - We provide a high quality college prep experience for our students at no cost to you or your family.

2.  Open Enrollment - If you have completed 8th grade, you can apply. We welcome all students and families.

3.  Small Schools, Personalized Learning - Our goal is to prepare student for acceptance into a 4-year university. This means world class educators using cutting-edge technology to personalize a college prep curriculum for you.

4.  Positive Multigenerational Change - We will challenge and students to think critically about how you will use your college degrees and careers to make your life, your community, our nation, and world a better place for future generations.  

5.  Community and Belonging - In our schools, every student is part a community so that they never feel alone.

6.  Professionalism -  We are preparing students for the real world have a caring staff that supports student development. We have high expectations for being on time, being in professional dress, being on-task, and other behaviors that create an environment for college readiness.