• Lincoln park
  • Long Beach, CA 90802

Come have Fun this 2018 Fall Of Service @fun feeding our beloved homeless U.S Vets and others homeless people's with other helpful like-minded Joyful Volunteers that are donating SMILES and a cook food dish like green salad cookies cake pies napkins turkey water cups dressing ham side dish to serve our homeless US Vets(:

IE, what cook food dish items you donate is what you will serve to our homeless US Vets (:

A joyful volunteer may also donate t-shirt to give to the homeless peoples that live on the streets of world famous Long Beach.CA (:

Los Angeles County is the homeless capital of the United States of America with over 56.000 homeless Men, Women and children living un housed (:

Come take pictures with some of the stars of Lost Angels an acclaimed documentary on mental illness as seen on Netflix's this world acclaim hit documentary movie about homeless peoples living in world famous skid row.CA community (:

Each joyful volunteer donate $ 10 that go to Grooming 4 Success Free Hair Cuts 4 Homeless Vets that provide free haircuts to our homeless US Vets and kids that live on the streets or shelter in world-famous skid row.CA Pasadena.CA Long Beach.CA South Central Los Angeles.CA

Like to donate big or small go online at www.volunteerMatch.org

For more info on how you may Help" call 626-277-3457 ask for Coach Ron the one and only.