As a network, we hold a few critical elements tightly: pursuing top talent to staff our schools, emphasizing teamwork, keeping school culture positive and productive, and our common assessment system. We know that these elements create the conditions for a network of high performing schools.  Outside of these critical elements, we give our principals and instructors autonomy and support in reaching our collective goals. When we find something that works, we share best practices to push everyone in the organization to dobetter.  We want teachers and principals to be entrepreneurial, to exercise their creativity and try different solutions. You never know – your discoveries at Ednovate may impact students and teachers across the city, nation or world!

Our college­ prep academic model is built around Personalization, Purpose, and Mindsets. Learn more about our schools below.

Personalized College Prep

We know that every student is different. We work to create a customized learning experience that capitalizes on each individual student’s strengths and interests, leaving behind a one-­size-­fits-­all approach. At Ednovate schools, we ensure a 1:1 ratio of students to Chromebook laptop computers. This empowers teachers and students to utilize technology to enhance the learning experience, simultaneously allowing for more flexibility and personalization than in a traditional classroom. Students work at their own pace through online modules to reach mastery of college­ ready skills. The self­-paced module system teaches our students to manage their time so that they are able to complete assignments with long­term deadlines. Ednovate students are self­-directed, self­-motivated, and self-disciplined learners with 21st century technological skills and experience. 

Two students study in a beanbag chair. Ednovate schools creates different settings in which students can learn. Innovative, personalized college prep.

Ednovate schools innovate with how space is used to personalize learning, creating different settings in which students learn.

Whether this means working independently on a beanbag chair, at a group work table, or in a traditional classroom desk, students are empowered to choose a learning setting that suits them best. From USC Hybrid High School’s college library style Learning Commons, to USC East College Prep’s open floor plan, we are at the cutting edge of schools designed for student-led learning.

We align our curriculum to the ACT College & Career Readiness Standards.  Using the ACT as our primary measure of student growth allows us to make comparisons from year to year, as well as to other schools, districts, and states. The ACT is a nationally­ normed test with decades of historical data, and we know that colleges and universities use ACT scores in part to determine student entrance.  As long as colleges and universities continue to heavily weigh ACT scores in their admissions process, the CCRS will continue to be the “North Star” guiding our instruction.  

Students meet in their advisory twice a day, with the same advisor for all four years. This helps instill students with a sense of purpose, and to move on to use their college degrees to create a positive multigenerational change.


We aim to instill in our students a sense of purpose; we hope our students will use their college degrees to make a Positive Multigenerational Change.  Our students meet in their Advisory twice a day, with the same Advisor for all four years, helping them develop a relationship with an adult mentor who knows the goals and dreams of individual students. The four grade­ level themes described in our mission give teachers a framework for helping students understand the impact they can have on their community, nation, and world.

Performance Tasks are written to help students understand the world they live in through the themes.

9th Grade: Know Yourself

10th Grade: Know Your Community

11th Grade: Know Your Nation

12th Grade: Know Your World

In order to be promoted to the next grade level, students need to complete a minimum of 10 hours in a volunteer capacity.  We call these Positive Multigenerational Change hours ­ time for students to begin to make their world a better place.  


People remember the relationships they formed in high school long after they leave. Students are driven to be successful in school by relationships: with each other, family members, and supportive adults at school.  We foster a sense of community in our school, each grade level, and each Advisory.  Groups of students are assigned to an Advisor, and they usually stay with that same Advisor and cohort of students for all four years of school.   Advisory serves as a family within the larger school setting, serving as a safe and secure home base for students throughout their time at Ednovate.  We know that forming these long-term relationships throughout the school will allow students to support one another in high school and beyond.