USC East team members Jen Simms and Tony Hernandez led the charge to take East's entire student body to college campuses across Los Angeles, helping them get them ready--and excited--for the next step in their education.

Our team knows that to get to college, along with our students excelling in school, they've got to want it!

Last Monday, the entire USC East College Prep student body visited one of three colleges, fueling students' excitement about someday being a college student at a campus like UCLA, Cal State Dominguez Hills or Cal State San Bernardino. The visits were led by East team members Jen Simms and Tony Hernandez.

After the visits, Tony shared that his 9th grade boys were impressed by CSUSB's efforts to promote self care through clubs, different school activities, and offering supports beyond academics.

Jen talked about a full-circle moment when USC Hybrid High alum, Malik Phillips, saw our USC East students at CSU Dominguez Hills and came over to talk with our kids, telling them about how prepared he has felt as a college freshman after graduating from an Ednovate school!

It was day that took our students farther down the road to a great future, with an Ednovate school working as a team to create opportunities for our students. Thank you Jen, Tony and the entire USC East team for leading a day of making college real!

Well done, Sarah

Sarah Grams Director of Talent Recruitment and Development