Looking for a school that cares? 97% of current families agree: Ednovate schools care about their child as a person and hold high expectations for student success. Join Us! 

Ednovate schools are tuition-­free, open-­enrollment, college­-preparatory public charter schools. Students are accepted regardless of background, academic record, or special education eligibility on a first­-come, first­-served basis. If more students apply than there are spaces available, students are admitted by lottery.




How to accept the offer: Complete and submit Intent to Enroll form by March 15, 2018. If you would like to be an Early Commit and receive a complimentary school uniform polo shirt by the completion of your enrollment process, please submit your acceptance no later than March 1st. Your response can be returned to us by:

  • Online: Please login to: https://ednovate.schoolmint.net/

  • Mail: return your form right away in the enclosed envelope that you should have received (350 S. Figueroa St., Ste. 122, L.A., CA 90071).

  • Email or text: take a picture of this form (include both sheets) and email it to admissions@ednovate.org or call your school for the number to text the picture to.

  • School: Stop by the school you have selected and submit it to the front office.