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Graduation Annual Fund

The Ednovate Annual Fund

Join our community to make a positive multigenerational change. Your annual donations can help sponsor a student's visit to tour a college, purchase a classroom set of art supplies, sponor the creation of a sports program, pay for the development of an emerging leader or help us show our appreciation for our hard working educators.

Capital Campaign

Future of Schools, Today! Capital Campaign

Donations to our Future of Schools, Today! campaign helps us create positive and aspirational educational facilities in our communities. Sponor a classroom, wing, auditorium space, gym or whole building. Email Alexa Smith at for more.


Esperanza Folklorico Dance Program

As seen on CBS This Morning, Esperanza College Prep has a comprehensive Mexican Folklorico Dance Program. We hold an annual dance performance at the end of the year, in which every single student participates and all family, staff, and community members are invited! Next year's show will cost $40,000. As a non-profit charter school, every dollar counts to keep this tradition going. Email Alexa Smith, for sponsorship and donation opportunities

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