School Overview

USC East College Prep delivers the best personalized college prep experience in the country. Located in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, USC East will prepare each of its graduates to use their college degrees and careers to make a Positive Multigenerational Change.

This free, public charter high school personalizes learning through technology, focuses on purpose and builds college-­ready mindsets to ensure all of its students are ready to go to and graduate from the best colleges in the country. Fundamental to our model is building a safe and welcoming school culture with high expectations while fostering student autonomy.

We currently serve 9th - 11th grades, and will add a new 9th grade class each year. USC East College Prep is operated by the charter management organization Ednovate. Ednovate's mission is to close the college graduation gap through our Theory of Change, in which a strong sense of purpose, a personalized college prep curriculum, and development of specific mindsets will allow each of our students to persist through college.