School Overview

We recognize that each child is unique and learns in their own way. At USC Esperanza College Prep, students and teachers work together to develop PERSONALIZED learning plans so each student's needs are met at the pace they need. We provide a high quality college prep curriculum, and we help students develop their sense of PURPOSE. We also take pride in fostering a tight-knit COMMUNITY between students and their peers and school staff. USC Esperanza provides students and families with a safe and nurturing school environment that has high expectations and delivers a rigorous and quality personalized college prep experience. USC Esperanza  will prepare each of its graduates to use their college degrees and careers to make a Positive Multigenerational Change. This free, public charter high school personalizes learning through technology, focuses on self-­awareness, agency, purpose and builds college­-ready mindsets to ensure all of its students are ready to go to and graduate from the best colleges in the country. Fundamental to our model is building a safe and welcoming school culture with high expectations while fostering student autonomy. USC Esperanza opened its doors in East Los Angeles in  August 2017 to a founding class of freshman. We will expand one grade level per year until we serve students in grades 9­-12th in the Fall of 2020.

School Mission

Together, we use our college degrees and careers to make positive multigenerational change. 

School Values

USC Esperanza College Prep values the following core mindsets:

Ganas: We work tenaciously and passionately to achieve outstanding results. We work with a steadfast loyalty to our mission and its influence in creating a positive multigenerational change. 

Mirror: We reflect deeply on our decisions and use our outcomes as a reflective tool for  improvement.

Sweat the Small Stuff: We establish high expectations and work with an intense attention to detail. 

Familia: We honor, engage in, and celebrate the relationships between our schools, our families, and our community. 

Mastery: We constantly seek to improve upon our results.

Joy: We express gratitude and celebrate our successes along the way. 

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