School Overview

USC College Prep, Santa Ana Campus is the third innovative high school of the Ednovate Network from USC. Ednovate's mission is to close the college graduation gap through our Theory of Change, in which a strong sense of purpose, a personalized college prep curriculum, and development of specific mindsets will allow each of our students to persist through college.

The school opened its doors to its first 9th grade class in August of 2016. It provide students and families with a safe and nurturing school environment that has high expectations and delivers a rigorous and quality personalized college prep experience.

USC College Prep, Santa Ana Campus  will prepare each of its graduates to use their college degrees and careers to make a Positive Multigenerational Change. This free, public charter high school personalizes learning through technology, focuses on self-­awareness, agency, purpose and builds college­-ready mindsets to ensure all of its students are ready to go to and graduate from the best colleges in the country. Fundamental to our model is building a safe and welcoming school culture with high expectations while fostering student autonomy.

We are currently seeking 9th and 10th graders  for the 2017-18 school year. We will expand one grade level per year until we serve 450 students in grades 9­-12 in the Fall of 2019. 

School Mission

Together, we use our college degrees and careers to make positive multigenerational change. 

School Vision & Values

USC College Prep, Santa Ana exits to interrupt the systemic inequities that continue to oppress individuals from low socioeconomic communities. We do this by taking actions rooted on the following values:

HOPE: We build authentic relationships with our students to provide them with an environment that fosters hope, love, agency, and a sense of belonging. Our students believe that they are important and have a sense of self-determination.

PURPOSE: We push our students to uncover and fulfill their purpose because we see them as agents of social change, co-creators of knowledge, innovators, and problem solvers.

CRITICAL THINKING: We are committed to developing our students to be critical thinkers that question, make meaning, and who see these skills as powerful tools that can be used to dismantle cycles of historical oppressions.

PERSONALIZED LEARNING: We provide students with a rigorous and personalized college prep learning experience that recognizes their backgrounds, experiences, and interests.